2015-16 ELA Pacing Guide

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2015-16 ELA Pacing Guide
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Anthologies, basil readers, book clubs, workbooks, scripted programs, pieced together from TeachersPayTeachers-what is the best way to teach ELA??  Such a personal question with very opinionated answers, I’m sure.  Personally, I prefer book clubs with supplemental material from a variety of sources-adopted curriculum, other teachers and my own ideas. In order to hit all the standards, keep us on task and moving along, I depend heavily on my pacing guide.

To start, I wrote down all the topics covered in the reading CCSS. I then counted how many full weeks I have available to teach throughout the year, and I started allotting weeks to the topics. Most topics got a week, but some are more intense and needed 2. Short weeks, such as the days before Thanksgiving break, are used for review or fun projects.



Once I figured out how many weeks I needed for each topic, I wrote them on a calendar for the year (make sure to cross out all the days/weeks you won’t be in school and make note of any half days and field trips).

2015-16 Pacing Guide: Plan With Me Sunday
I teach fifth grade and the following is my planned pacing for the year. I will be teaching book clubs throughout this period, but these topics will be focused on within the book discussions and small groups with me.

For writing, I will be focusing on Informative Writing for the 1st trimester, Narrative Writing for the 2nd trimester and Persuasive Writing for the 3rd trimester.

For reading, I will be doing the following:

Research Strategies: Non-Fiction (1 week)
Reading Response with Evidence (1 week)
Character Traits (1 week)
Author’s Purpose (2 weeks)
Point of View (2 weeks)
Compare & Contrast (2 weeks)
Main Idea (2 weeks)
Inference (2 weeks)
Prediction (1 week)
Drama (2 weeks)
Sequencing (1 week)
Cause & Effect (2 weeks)
Summarizing (2 weeks)
Text Features (2 weeks)
Theme (2 weeks)
Story Elements (2 weeks)
Figurative Language (1 week)
Poetry (2 weeks)
Text Structure (2 weeks)
SBAC: Final Assessment (1 week)

Check out the calendar template I used, as well as calendars filled with holidays and authors’ birthdays and all my complete pacing guides (Aug-May), and good luck with your own pacing guide!

2015-16 Pacing Guide: Plan With Me Sunday

And since a pacing guide is the ultimate supply in my planning, I’m linking up with Plan with Me Sundays!

Plan with Me Sundays - Linky Party


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  1. Thanks for linking up! I love your pacing guides!

  2. Love your pacing guide– it is a lot like what I did when I was a classroom teacher. I’m now an ESL teacher and our district has adopted a basal/anthology. Yuck!

    My Bright Blue House

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