2015-16 Math Pacing Guide

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2015-16 Math Pacing Guide
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With the SBAC test being given the first two weeks in May, it’s a race against time to get all the CCSS standards taught during the school year. Our district just adopted the My Math program last year, which includes 12 chapters for fifth grade. In order to keep us on task and moving along, I depend heavily on my pacing guide.

To start, I write down all the chapters in our math book. I then count how many full weeks I have available to teach throughout the year, and I start allotting weeks to the chapters. Most chapters get 2 weeks, but some are more intense and need 3. Short weeks, such as the days before Thanksgiving break, are used for review or fun math projects.

2015-16 Pacing Guide: Plan With Me Sunday

One of the areas I’m modifying for next year is our unit tests. This past year, I gave the unit tests every three chapters, as directed by the program. But upon further examination of where the unit tests are placed, I realized those are not logical breaks for a unit test. For example, the program has a unit test between the chapter on 1-digit division and 2-digit division. Why not just wait an extra chapter and give a unit test after teaching both chapters on division? This year, I will!

I also worked in a week of review before each unit test. This year, we were cramming two tests into 1 week-a chapter test and then a unit test, and then some kids needed a re-test on TOP of those! It was crazy! So now, a whole week of review, with 1 test per week. I’m hoping the four extra weeks of spiral review will also pay off at the end of the year when we face the SBAC.

Once I figured out how many weeks I needed for each chapter, I wrote¬†them on a calendar for the year (make sure to cross out all the days/weeks you won’t be in school and make note of any half days and field trips).

2015-16 Pacing Guide: Plan With Me Sunday
For fifth grade, the following is my planned pacing for the year. While the chapters line up with My Math, they should be similar to other math programs that are the CCSS.

Place Value: 2 weeks
Multiplication: 2 weeks
1-Digit Division: 2 weeks
2-Digit Division: 2 weeks
Unit Test Review: 1 week
+/- Decimals: 2 weeks
x & / Decimals: 3 weeks
Unit Test Review: 1 week
Expressions: 2 weeks
Fractions/Decimals: 2 weeks
+/- Fractions: 3 weeks
x & / Fractions: 3 weeks
Unit Test Review: 1 week
Measurement: 3 weeks
Geometry: 2 weeks

Check out the calendar template I used, as well as calendars filled with holidays and authors’ birthdays and all my complete pacing guides (Aug-May), and good luck with your own pacing guide!

2015-16 Pacing Guide: Plan With Me Sunday

And although a day late, I’m linking up with Everything Ed for Math Mondays!


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