85 Reading Response Labels for Interactive Reading Notebooks

Jun 5, 2015 by

85 Reading Response Labels for Interactive Reading Notebooks
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Anything that I can prep ahead of time-especially for a full year at a time-is like GOLD to me.

Enter: reading response labels. I’ve wanted to make these for 2 years. All year, it was nagging at me-make the labels, Kat! Just type up the responses, Kat! GET IT DONE, KAT!

85 Reading Response Labels

Thanks to an amazing first week of summer vacation, these labels are now donzo. As I chose the best kinds of prompts for upper elementary, I sorted them into 7 categories:

Author’s Purpose
Personal Connections
Story Structure

You can focus on a category at a time, or assign them randomly through-out the year. Included in the set is also a comprehensive list of all the prompts under each category for easy reference.

85 Reading Response Labels

They can easily be printed on any sheet of 1″ x 2-5/8″ labels (30 per sheet). I’ll be printing these all out this summer and having them ready to pass out as needed throughout the year.

85 Reading Response Labels

Next year, I’ll pass them out after our mini-lessons for students to stick in their notebooks. They will then be able to write under the labels. No response? No credit. I use to have a problem with students not copying the response prompt into their notebook, and I would miss the fact that they actually didn’t do all of the assigned prompts. Now I’ll clearly be able to see when there is no writing under the label!

85 Reading Response Labels
All labels are editable so you can change prompts or add new responses to the set. Excited as much as I am? Click here to grab ’em!




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