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Do you have an upper elementary blog that you’d like to share? Please e-mail it to katie at sproutclassrooms dot com. Our teaching community rocks even harder when we work together!

4th Grade Frolics: Super cute ideas for the classroom.

All Things Upper Elementary: Beautiful collaborative blog featuring upper elementary teachers!

Bailey and Derek’s Daddy: Great philosophical entries by a working parent/teacher.

Box Breakout: I can’t wait to read through all these posts-secondary teacher with really great, applicable ideas.

Confessions of a Nerdy Teacher: Fourth grade blog.

Diary of a 5th Grade Teacher: Love those fifth grade ideas!

Fancying 4th & Trendy Teach: A blog that showcases awesome tech ideas for the classroom.

Fifth in the Middle: Great ideas for your room.

Finding Joy in Sixth Grade: Fun ideas from a middle school teacher.

For The Love of Teaching Math: Great upper elementary math ideas

Get Caught Engineering: Great STEM resource!

Getting Smart: Stay updated on tech in the classroom.

I’m Lovin’ Lit: Great upper elementary ELA ideas.

Ladybug’s Teacher Files: Fabulous upper elementary ideas.

Learning’s A Hoot: Great ideas for upper elementary

Lessons with Laughter: Beautiful classroom, great ideas.

Love 5th Grade: A blog from Victoria Jasztal, a fifth grade gifted teacher.

Kleinspiration: Great balance of classroom and tech ideas.

Mathy Cathy: Really cool ideas for upper elementary/middle school math!

MindShift: A KQED blog about educational reform/thinking outside the box.

Minds in Bloom: Awesome ideas from a top upper elementary teacher!

Mrs. Harris Teaches Science: The name says it all!

Mrs. Logue’s Math and Science Lab: Her profile picture says it all. Totally awesome.

Ninja Reflections on Education-great collection of ideas for upper elementary.

Oh Boy 4th Grade: Pictures of her classroom make me swoon.

Real Classroom Ideas: Huge library of ideas, resources and freebies!

Runde’s Room: With the resources on this blog, my students will CRUSH Common Core/Smarter Balance test.

Teaching in Room 6: I want to do every idea I see on this blog.

Teaching in the Fast Lane: We Break for Learning (4th Grade Teacher).

Teaching is a Gift: A blog from the mind of a teacher of the gifted.

Teaching My Friends: Another upper elementary blog.

Teaching Tammy: Secondary math teacher, but her ideas are applicable to upper elementary.

Teaching to Inspire in 5th: Great ideas and resources for 5th grade.

Teaching with a Mountain View: A blog with practical, creative ideas that you can’t wait to use in your room.

Teaching with a Touch of Twang: GREAT ideas for upper elementary

Technoliteracy: Higher level ideas with a philosophical slant.

Techy Things Teachers Should Try: Great tech ideas for your classroom.

The Science Penguin: Upper elementary science ideas

Through the Blue Door: Really great ideas-I was hooked with the post about classroom design.

To Engage Them All: Great combination of technology and hands-on by a middle school teacher!

Young Teacher Love: A fifth grade blog! Yay!

Venspired: I love, love, love this blog.

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