Boots, Boots, Boots!

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Boots, Boots, Boots!
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For the past 12 years of my adult life, I’ve own 2 pairs of fashion boots. One pair was my mom’s from the 60’s-she saved up and bought them from my grandfather’s sporting goods store when she was in high school, adding huge nastalgic value to an already very cool pair of suede lace-up boots. The pair was a Christmas gift from my mom while I was in college and I still adore them. They are wonderful and basic and go with all things.

But when I created my Pinterest fashion board, I noticed that many of the outfits I loved included boots, and not the kind that I had. My husband and I use to joke that if you were a girl living in San Francisco, boots with your jeans was the official uniform, but I never realized how true that was until I saw all those pictures with BOOTS!

So as I scoured thrift shops this summer, I kept my eyes peeled for boots. And I found them. Boy, did I find them! I now have 10 pairs of boots that I can mix and match with my fall/winter outfits. And they were cheap! Ladies-I’m telling you this: thrift stores are THE best place to find boots. I found a pair of Baldinini boots for $10-originally $650!! My favorite pair I found was a pair of brown leather Nine West with a super loose and comfy shaft that will slip over my jeans-$6 at the Goodwill!!

The problem? They were all jammed in the bottom corner of my closet, floppy and gathering dust.

A voice kept nagging me each time I’d get frustrated with my closet organization-‘out of sight, out of mind!’ I knew this voice was right. I had to organize my boots and put them in a place where I’d see them and want to wear them.

The next time I was the store, I grabbed a few foam pool noodles.

How to shape, organize and store your boot collection!

I had seen this trick on Pinterest, and it worked like a charm! I simply stuck the noodle in a boot, measured to the top of the shaft and then cut the noodle. Instant boot shaper!

How to shape, organize and store your boot collection!


Next, I had to figure out where to put them. Above the rod in my closet was a shelf filled with boxes, purses and other clutter. I figured I should clean that out anyhow, so I cleared off the shelf, wiped it down and set up all my tall boots. They fit perfectly, with room for just one or two more pairs. 😉

How to shape, organize and store your boot collection!


I didn’t have room for my short boots on the shelf, so I opted to put them below with my other shoes. They also got noodles in them for shaping-just shorter, of course. 😉

So now I have all my boots organized and shapely. The only problem is that my husband looks at them everyday and reminds me that I absolutely do not need any more new boots. 😉

Hope this helps you as you find your teacher style!


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  1. Another great idea: using pool noodles as boot shapers!

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