Classroom Themes: Sports! {Part 1-Decor}

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Classroom Themes: Sports! {Part 1-Decor}
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While I specifically married a man who did not watch sports, these decorations are so cute that I’m tempted to consider the theme in the future! For those of you who live for activities that involve sweat and a ball or two, here are great ideas for sprucing up your room!

I did a baseball/star theme during my student teaching. I had a whole class incentive bulletin board which I made to look like a baseball field. It was titled “Baseball Bonus”. I had a cutout of a baseball player and whenever the whole class did well I would move it to the next base. After so many “runs” they would win a reward (extra recess, etc.) For a hall display I had the students decorate t-shirts like a uniform, with their name and favorite number. I labeled it “All-Star Students” and used a star border. They also sell borders with sports balls. For a job chart, I had each students’ name written on a baseball cutout.
-SaraFirst, A-Z Teacher Stuff

I saw a bulletin board once titled Touchdown readers. Each student had his/her own football shape and they got to move the balls from one end of the football field to the other (one 10-yard line at a time) as they read books independently. I think the goal was 10 books before Thanksgiving.
-runsw/scissors, A-Z Teacher Stuff

Bulletin Board Ideas:
“Swingin’ In to 5th Grade!” or “Batter Up!!” baseball theme
Our Goals… (either a soccer net or football goal post)
Coach’s Corner (teacher’s board)
Time Out for ________! (focus on a content area)
Penalty Box (classroom rules)
Field of Dreams (goals for the grading period)
Major League Words (word wall)
We’re all Pitching In (job board-put jobs on bats and student names on balls)
Give It Your Best Shot
Ready to Tackle ___ Grade
All Star Students
Team ___ Kicks Off A New School Year
Tacklin’ Tough Words

Invest in a piece of corkboard and cut it out in the shape of various sports balls, such as the baseball below.  Students can use them as ‘parking lots’ for ideas during the year (sticking post-it notes with ideas, predictions, etc.).

Classroom Themes: Sports Decor -

Grab a stool from a thrift shop and turn it into this fabulous classroom addition:

Astroturf football pennant!

Love this Astro Turf bunting! #HomegateFever #football #decorations #homegate #tailgate #party #bunting #pennant

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