Classroom Theme: Detectives! {Part 1-Decor}

Dec 29, 2014 by

Classroom Theme: Detectives! {Part 1-Decor}
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It might be Dec. 29th, but my mind is already wandering to next year in a way. Room 10 is decorated in a patriotic theme due to the fact that we study US History  red/white/blue decor is often on clearance, but I’m itching to change it up a bit this summer. I’m going to do several posts over the next month brainstorming decor and theme ideas in the classroom-pin them for inspiration this summer!

Top Secret/Detectives/CSI Decor

A few years ago, I taught third grade and decided to do the main part of my classroom in a detective theme. The tie-in is perfect: students are investigating, inferring, finding clues and drawing conclusions all the time in their academic work-why not make it like a fun game while they’re at it? To add more realism to the adventure, classroom decor can reflect the air of mystery. To be honest, there really isn’t a lot of pictures featuring detective themes on the web right now! These are the best I could find, including a few of my own. You can also check out our Pinterest board for more ideas.

Classroom Theme: Detectives!

I used Caught Reading posters from the Association of American Publishers website. I later took pictures of my students reading and filled the door with their photographs.

Classroom Theme: Detectives!

This was our Mastery Club area, inspired by Mrs. Renz.

Find more decorating ideas at Beth Newingham’s page (cached file):
Classroom Theme: Detectives!

Find more decorating ideas at Fabulous in Fifth:
Classroom Themes: Detectives!

Find more decorating ideas at Clutter Free Classroom:
Classroom Theme: Detective!

Find more decorating ideas in this Picassa Photo Album:
Classroom Theme: Detectives!

Bulletin Board Ideas
Investigating Math
Counting on Clues (Math)
Spotlight on Science
Investigation Station (Science)
Dig it Up: Mysteries from the past (History, Social Studies)
Great Capers in Great Places (History, Social Studies)
Secret code of writers (Writing Process)
Author’s Clues (Author’s Craft)
National Treasure (Core Democratic Values)
Get a Clue Club/Super Sleuths (Mastery Club)
Spy a Good Book (Book Recommendations)
Mission Possible (Student work board, or rethink/effort rubric/Group Norms)
Who Dunit? (Student Work)
Reading Between the Lines (Classroom Library)
Searching For a Good Book? (Classroom Library)
Classroom Clues (Classroom Rules)
I Spy…. Great Work!
Deciphering the Language Code (Language Arts/Grammar/Foreign Language)
Hot on the Trail of Learning (perhaps a door board?)
Keys to Uncovering Clues

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