How do I Recharge Spiritually this Summer?

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How do I Recharge Spiritually this Summer?
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Are we there yet? That may be your children pleading from the back seat of the car, or maybe it’s you asking yourself if you’ve actually arrived yet at summer break. School’s been out for a few weeks, you’ve switched into a summer routine, but something’s missing. What is it?

We get so busy during the school year that we often explain away our not having time for many of the extras we’d like to incorporate into our lives. But now, hopefully you have an opportunity to nurture yourself. So what does that look like? God’s Word tells us that we are made up of a spirit, a soul and a body (I Thessalonians 5:23). Our spirit is what was changed when we were “born again”, our soul is our mind and emotions, and our body . . . well, that’s all that fleshy stuff that we may or may not be proud of.

The world is constantly telling us how to rejuvenate our intellect, our emotions and our body, so we probably don’t need any more encouragement in those areas. Some of you are working on classroom ideas this summer, getting out into nature, or engaged in a 6 week workout program. Good for you! These are all important. But what about the spiritual you? How do you nurture that?

We can be renewed and recharged spiritually by spending time in God’s Word. We are encouraged to not be conformed to this world, “but be transformed by the renewing of your mind” Romans 12:2. When we feed on God’s Word, it has the power to renew, enlighten and strengthen us spiritually. It will also guide you in every aspect of your physical, intellectual and emotional life. What a bargain! Think back on your classroom, or maybe even your household. Do you need ideas on how to handle conflict? How to encourage your children/students? How to love others? How to find peace and joy, while dumping fear and anxiety? God’s Word addresses all of these and so much more (and this author’s sold more books than anyone else).

Let’s get back to basics here. Remind yourself that God is good and God is love. He’s not mad at you and He’s not judging you. He is your heavenly Father, from whom all good and perfect gifts come (James 1:17). As your loving heavenly Father, He wants to give you all the answers to your problems, or “challenges”, as we like say in this decade.

How many times have we told our ever-inquiring students that if they just read their textbook they’ll find the answers to all their questions? Well, maybe it’s time we take our own advice. Is God encouraging you to read His textbook? Get into the Word this summer and renew your mind spiritually. Need a place to start? Consider the words of Jesus in one of the 4 Gospels, Ephesians if you’re looking for how to fight spiritual warfare, or Philippians if you want to be encouraged. Don’t let your Bible just sit on your coffee table. Pick it up and digest it. It’s great food for your spiritual man!

Guest Blogger Sandra Moore

 Guest blogger Sandra Moore has been a student, a teacher and an administrator. She offers educators a  spiritual lens through which to view their mission – sometimes referred to as their job. 🙂

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