Music in the Classroom: Spotify

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Music in the Classroom: Spotify
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My students love listening to music in the classroom, but I’m very particular about what music I allow them to play. I never want parents to come to me and ask why I allowed their child to listen to lyrics they consider inappropriate or too mature.  This is why any child caught humming ‘Wrecking Ball’ or ‘Blurred Lines’ is squashed like a bug. Not on my watch! has been a great solution to my need for control. I can create playlists of specific songs I’ve approved in advance. One of my students’ classroom jobs is Audio Apprentice-this student gets to choose the playlist at selected times of the day. Sometimes, if the class has been really good, I’ll let them have a lyric-filled playlist while they work on Art, such as the Disney Channel playlist. I still preview all the songs on the list to make sure they are appropriate.

You can create a free Spotify account by visiting I pay a $10/month subscription fee so I can access it on my iPhone while I run (unlimited custom running playlists? heck yeah!), but you can use a free account on your computer with minimal ads.

I’ll link up below to my playlists I’ve created (the CA in the title means ‘Classroom Approved’). Simply create a free (or paid) account at then click a link below. Once the playlist is pulled up in your Spotify account, highlight all the songs (press shift while clicking the first and last song of the list), and then right click and save as your own playlist.

Do you have Spotify playlists that you share with your class? Link to them in the comments section! Suggestions for songs to add to my current playlists are also appreciated!

Happy listening!


CA-Broadway Instrumental

CA-A Little Princess


CA-Mexico & Mariachis: Music From And Inspired By Robert Rodriguez’s El Mariachi Trilogy

CA-Los Lobos (one of my favorites for overall sound-lyrics may not be safe for students who understand Spanish)

CA-African Children’s Choirs

CA-Thai Instrumental

CA-Bollywood Instrumental


CA-Broadway Instrumental

CA-1920’s Jazz

CA-Halloween Instrumental

CA- 30’s & 40’s Era Halloween

CA-Wordless Hip Hop

CA: Acoustic Guitar


CA-Classical Music

CA-Saxaphone (pure 80’s torture for those days you want to lay it on thick)

CA-Kenny G

CA-Instrumental New Kids on the Block

CA-Rock Lullabyes

CA-Instrumental Reggae

CA-Instrumental Hawaiian Spa Music

CA-Ukelele music

CA-The Paris Swing Box

CA-Instrumental Swing

CA-Instrumental Slow Songs

CA-Instrumental Stage and Screen

CA-Instrumental Dinner Party Music

CA-Instrumental Love Songs

CA-Instrumental World Music

CA-Instrumental Pop Music

CA-End of Year Slideshow

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  1. These are great! I’m a music teacher, getting ready to start discussing some world music and genres so it’s lovely to have access to some playlists that give me a place to start. Thank you so much!

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