One Word Resolution

Dec 29, 2014 by

One Word Resolution
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With only 3 days left in 2015, my mind has been in overdrive-reflecting, planning, organizing, preparing-I feel like I’m going 100 mph without a road map. I’m desperate to grab on to something-anything-to anchor myself.

I find myself wanting to get into better shape, tighten up my classroom, organize and decorate my entire house, revamp our diet, perfect my websites, grow my business, spend more time with my family, finish my crafting projects and start more, produce the most amazing silent auction in PTA history-it’s too much! How in the world am I suppose to fit all of that into a normal day? Before break, I was teaching from 8-5, spending time with the family from 5-8 and then working on my projects from 8-2am.

Needless to say, that cannot continue.

So my resolution is to really focus on a few priorities at a time. I also need to cut myself a lot more slack, but that’s an entirely different post.

One Word Resolution: Focus

This year, I resolve to focus on one or two goals in each of these areas and give myself permission to be ‘ok’ instead of ‘the best’. I need to stop spreading myself so thin that everything suffers. I need to focus on my fitness goals, but maybe just do a walk/run each day instead of a walk/run AND a fitness DVD AND joining the roller derby team. I need to focus on my classroom, but maybe just work on integrating our iPod use instead of iPod use AND creating book clubs from scratch AND designing Smartboard lessons for each math unit AND taking on a lunchtime club.

This is going to be really hard. I tend to go after all that glitters, and my to-do list becomes crazy unmanageable. But hopefully I can FOCUS my list into the places that really matter. 😉

Head on over to Primary Powers and link up your One Word Resolution!


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  1. I could always use more focus! 🙂 It sounds like you enjoy doing it all. Focus will help you get more done and in a quicker way… I should know, I’m an expert. Or not.

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