Organizing with Math Binders

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Organizing with Math Binders
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I am a paper person-I like all my ideas printed out and filed into folders that I quickly grab to flip through.

I’m also a very organized person with my files-I like them color coded and in a certain order. When it comes to my math files, I like them in order of the chapters. For each chapter/topic, I like to have a folder for

Copies of Workbook Pages/Answers
Interactive Notebook Activities
Hands-On Activities (Games, Movement, Etc.)
Performance Tasks
Entrance/Exit Tickets
Misc. Activities

Whew! That’s a lot of file folders! I decided this past summer to try out binders instead.


I keep 2 binders for each chapter on a shelf behind my desk. I thought 1 per chapter would be enough, but alas-I had collected too many great ideas!!

Organizing with Math Binders

The first binder has the workbook pages, reteach/intervention and enrichment in it.


The second binder has everything else.

Organizing with Math Binders

This system is awesome-it allows me to grab the binders easily when I’m ready to plan for a chapter. If I have a mentor text to use for the chapter, I can keep it tucked in the flap at the front of the binder.

Organizing with Math Binders

If I have game pieces or task cards, I can put them in a large envelope, 3-hole punch it and stick it in the binder.

Organizing with Math Binders

I bought the binders at the Dollar Tree last summer and used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the binder labels. You could write on them with marker, or use a binder with a slip-in sleeve.

I even made editable binder covers you can use to quickly see at a glance what your chapter is covering!

Organizing with Math Binders

Good luck getting organized, and stay tuned for some great lists of resources to put in your binders!


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