Parent Letters: Math

Apr 22, 2014 by

Parent Letters: Math
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I’m on our district’s math adoption committee (more on that later), and one of the silly questions I ask each textbook rep is ‘Do you have parent letters for each chapter?’.

How many times do we get e-mails from parents saying their child didn’t understand last night’s homework, so they are sending it back with a request for help? If we could send home letters throughout the year to teach, guide and involve the parents in the mathematical process, would they be more willing  to roll their sleeves up and help their child work through difficult homework and projects?

I’m hoping to find out. I just received an e-mail from the California Mathematics Council with links to many parent letters for math (see below). Everyday Math also has all it’s parent letters listed online, which you might be able to use even if you don’t use their curriculum. I’ve also heard a lot of great things about EngageNY math, which has a parent toolkit area on it’s website.  I’m going to try to send a few of these home each month for the rest of year, and then attempt to do regular letters home next year. Can’t hurt, right?

Do you have any great sources for parent letters regarding math? Link up to them in the comments section!


A Parent-friendly Version of the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice

The Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice (Spanish)

The Mathematics Students Study in Schools

Basic Education Terms Every Parent Should Know

Educational Acronyms, Program Names, and Definitions Every Parent Should Know

Frequently Asked Questions—and Answers—About K-6 Math Programs

Mathematics Learning Resources for Parents

What Parents Should Know About High School Math

Helping at Home with Homework

Teaching Children to Do Mental Math Part 1

Teaching Children to Do Mental Math Part 2

The Art of Guessing: Estimation Part I

The Art of Guessing: Estimation Part 2

Why Teach Problem Solving? Part 1

Why Teach Problem Solving? Part 2

The Value of Abstract Strategy Games for the Whole Family

The Benefits of Volunteering in Your Child’s Classroom

Useful Advice for Parent/Teacher Conferences

Ten Good Problems to Solve with Your Family

Making Math Part of Your Family’s Life

Giving Your Child a Good Start in Math

Understanding the Common Core State  Math Standards

Helping with Math Homework

Building a Math Tool-Kit

Engaging English Learners in Math

Meeting the Algebra Challenge

Preparing for College and Career

Discovering the Math in your Home

Connecting Math and Reading

Linking Technology to Math

Taking a Look at High School Math

Resources to Help You and Your Child with Math

A Few Math Challenges for Your Family

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  1. Shernada

    These are great resources, thank you!

    • katieuppman

      Glad you found this, Shernada! You may see some of these sent home before the end of the year. 😉


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