Preparing for the Week: At Home

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Preparing for the Week: At Home
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In my never-ending quest to be more organized, I have once again resolved that this year will be different. I WILL be prepared for my week by the time I go to bed on Sunday night. I will get everything done ahead of time so that when things come up, I end up running late or an emergency parent meeting is called in the evening, I can take it in stride.

Our district only has 2 weeks until school starts (we’re early bloomers). This week I’m attending a professional development at the local aquarium.  Next week I’ll be setting up in my classroom. That means today is officially my last day of summer vacation and I need to get back into the swing of my school year routine-tomorrow! Eeek!

This is a dry run of my new Ready-By-Sunday-Night resolution:

If you’ve been following Sprout this summer, you’ll know that my major project was developing a professional style that is quick and easy to implement. I’m happy to say that today  it worked like a charm! I used my outfit binder, chose 5 outfits for the week (PD, so comfy and casual) and then simply pulled them out of my closet. Since I hang all my outfit pieces together on the same hanger, it was a piece of cake!

An Organized Week

Once my outfits were chosen and I pulled them from the closet, I put them in my hanging closet shelf for easy access during the week. I did the same with 5 outfits for my son. Each section has an outfit and shoes, and his sections also have a sweatshirt/sweater and socks. My husband is on his own with clothes. 😉

An Organized Week

One of my goals is to get up each morning and go for a run/power-walk before school. There is a pretty steep hill from our neighborhood that goes down to the ocean, and it’s the most glorious feeling to run down the hill fast in the early morning chill. I want to capture that feeling each morning before the stress of the day begins, as well as get my workout in without having to push a stroller. One of the best ways to help myself get out of the bed at dark o’clock is to go to sleep in my workout clothes. I can literally roll out of bed, throw my shoes on and head out the door. My workout clothes are now folded and waiting for me on my pillow, ready to be worn tonight!

An Organized Week

I’m lucky in the fact that the aquarium will be providing my meals for me this week. I’ll do a post later this week on how I tackle lunches during the school year. For my son, however, I use Bento Boxes. I found these awesome sectioned-boxes at my local grocery store, but you can find a huge variety here.

I pack all his boxes on Sunday night and then stack them in the fridge to grab the night before.

An Organized Week

The coffee maker has been set to start at 6:01 am (I think-we lost the instruction manual). I put my travel coffee mug in the fridge with cream and sugar already in it so I can just grab it tomorrow morning, pour my coffee and go. While this picture shows a container of Folgers, I’ve ordered these pre-stuffed filters to use in the future. Silly, but it’s one less step I have to take, and I love the easy clean-up!

Preparing for the Week: At Home

I’m going to try to use our crockpot as much as possible this year. I found three recipes for this week and printed them out, put them in page protectors and set them by the crockpot. All ingredients for the week are in the fridge, and I’ll be putting them together in the crock the night before. Then in the morning, before I walk out the door, I can put the crock in the crockpot, turn it on and let it cook! I figure three recipes should be fine per week, giving us two nights per meal (6 nights) and one night of eating out.  If we try a recipe and love it, I’ll simply stick the page protector/recipe in a binder for the future. If we don’t like it, the recipe will be tossed and I’ll re-use the page protector. Eventually we’ll have a binder full of great crockpot recipes that we’ve already tried!

Preparing for the Week: At Home

Out the Door:
Ready to go, on the hooks by our door, are now my son’s coat and backpack. His backpack just holds a few books and toys he wants to bring to his babysitter’s house, but this will get him in the routine of having it there for when he goes to school. Next to his hook, I have my ‘purse’ hanging. I am not a purse kind of gal, but this bag keeps my wallet, phone, keys and sunglasses close at hand. I also have a cardigan to grab if my outfit doesn’t already have an outer layer. When school officially starts, I will also have my teaching bag sitting on the bench, ready to grab as we walk out the door!

An Organized Week

To Review:
-Outfits picked out for the week, folded and ready to go in hanging closet shelf
-Workout outfit folded, on pillow, ready to wear to bed
-Kid’s lunches are packed and stacked in the fridge, ready to throw into his lunchbox each day
-Dinner ingredients are in the fridge ready for the week, recipes are printed/page-protected/set by crockpot
-Coffee maker is pre-set and ready to go
-Kid’s backpack and my purse are stocked and hanging on hooks
-Teaching bag is packed and ready to go
-Quick pick-up of house

And now, hopefully, my (and your) week will run a little bit smoother!!


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