Storage Idea-Book Fair Boxes!

Nov 9, 2015 by

Storage Idea-Book Fair Boxes!
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Stuff, stuff, stuff! My classroom is FULL of it. When I first got my room 3 years ago, I remember looking around and thinking-man, there is not much STUFF in here.

Oh boy did that change quickly.

I am really lucky to have a back room attached to my main classroom-we back up to the auditorium/stage, so we have a little extra room from that. I put in several cubed bookshelves to hold curriculum, but it wasn’t working for my ‘props’. I needed a storage solution for my bigger items, and plastic tubs were just a bit TOO big.


Enter: book fair boxes from Scholastic. We have a book fair twice a year, and we always have a ton of the really nice boxes left over at the end of the fair. Last year I asked if I could have them, and they have been PERFECT for storage. They are long and just tall enough to keep all my larger items in. They also stack super nicely and the handle allows me to pull them out easily, regardless of how they are stacked.


I have boxes for Back to School Night, the First Week of School, Yarn, Crime Scene Investigations, Photo Booth Props, Open House Night, Christmas Decorations, Paint/Brushes/Trays, Art Supplies, Portfolios, Field Trip Shirts, etc.

Apparently Scholastic does like to get these back to re-use, but your book fair coordinator can request to keep them at the end of the fair and Scholastic will agree to it. That eliminates any feeling of taking boxes from Scholastic without asking.


Hopefully you can grab a few of these awesome storage boxes at the end of your book fair and use them for your storage!


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