Summer Goals, 2015 Edition

May 25, 2015 by

Summer Goals, 2015 Edition
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It’s almost here!! 3.5 days until summer break, and one of those days is being spent at the water park for our fifth grade graduation.

Guys, we can do this.

And although I’m writing this partly to procrastinate on report card comments, I’m also doing some heavy dreaming of what my summer is going to look like. Last year was only my second summer break in 9 years of teaching-moves, new jobs, working outside of education-lots of reasons. But it took pretty much the entire 8 weeks off to get use to the idea that I had 8 WEEKS OFF! This year, I’m ready. Oh, I’m so ready. I Heart Grade 3 asked us what our goals are for the summer-boy did she get some great responses!

So what am I going to do? Everything and nothing, my friends. Here is my official goal list of Summer 2015:

-Nothing. I have scheduled zero camps, lessons or playdates for Henry. We are going to get up each morning and enjoy the space in front of us.
-Buuuut, everything. I have a Pinterest board with 331 ‘kids ideas’ pins on it that I want to tackle. We’re going to have fun creating, exploring and building.
-Dates. Not the food kind-they kind of creep me out. But I want to date my husband again. We’re lucky enough to have his parents close to babysit, so I want to have weekly adventures. Like rock climbing or renting silly tourist bikes or trying a new restaurant each week.

-Math. Last year I took on a new challenge in the classroom-I agreed to co-teach with our upper elementary Spec Ed teacher. I have all the IEP/Intervention kiddos in my classroom, and she pushed in twice a week (I had an aide the other 3 days). Next year, we’re switching it up. Same model, but she’s pushing in every day just for math. We learned a LOT this year and we need to sit down and create our action plan for that 1.5 hours each day next year.
-Filing. This year will complete my 2nd year back in education after leaving for several years, and I’m slowly re-building my file cabinet. I have piles of ideas I’ve printed out or stuck away, and a fabulous filing system in place. This summer, the two shall become one. No more paper piles! Also, I have about 10k TpT files on my computer that I need to sort through. Because I love paper so very much, I need to print the good ones.
-Put Pinterest into Action. Pinterest has become my zen zone. Some people rake around rocks in the sand; I pin. Seeing all those fabulous ideas and then sorting them into perfectly themed boards soothes my teachery soul. But enough is enough! I will finally start to take action! And I will blog about my triumphs and fails!

-Get Toned. Last summer I tackled my weight. I had gained about 60 pounds with my son, and took off the last 15 last summer. Alas, I put it all back on this school year. Buuuuut, it came back a little differently. I feel like I’m in a better starting place this May than I was last May. So while I still have a pound goal, I think this summer is more about loosing that top layer of fat and then toning. A lot. We have a gym membership that I’ve been using, so it will be a combination of running and classes.
-Eat Well. My personality is very much an ‘all or nothing’ kind. I go 200% overboard on everything, and then burn out in a spectacular blaze of can’t-keep-it-up. While my brain says ‘We will eat nothing but eggs and carrots for the next 10 weeks!!’, I know in my heart that will not happen. I want to try new restaurants, make delectable dinners from Pinterest, try new desserts. Ack! What is a girl to do? Still working on this.

-Organize. Last summer I completed a LOT of projects around the house. Seriously, we’re almost to the point of ‘I can stop now’. Every time I clean a room, I can see that it just needs a few more touches, or a final de-cluttering. I don’t have any major home work to do this summer, but I’m going to see if I can’t juuuuust get over that mountain top with the organizing and decorating.

-Sprout. Sprout is my first website love. I have several, but this is where it’s at. And yet, I’ve neglected it so. Probably because I’m too busy trying to workout, make awesome meals yet eat less, do 10,000 Pinterest projects with my kid, serve on too many committees, teach and still stay sane. But this summer, I’m really looking forward to blogging more. Right now, it’s absolutely silent in the house. Henry is with Erik at the in-laws and I’m alone with my computer and to-do list. Glorious. I’m hoping for more moments like this over the summer.
-Teachers Pay Teachers. So many ideas, so little time. Projects that I want to work on for my own classroom and post to TpT this summer are: a girls’ self-esteem group (yearly lesson plans), guide to having a silent auction fundraiser (I single handily raised 17k this year!!), Constitutional Convention re-enactment guide, Back to School Night packet (mostly done from this year), motivational items for students, more Disney Imagineering ideas, re-do my spelling contracts and more. I am not one that creates items solely for TpT, so I’m slow to put new items up. But maybe some of you need these items as much as I do, and they can be helpful to you as well!

And, of course, I’m going to shop. I don’t buy myself new clothes during the school year-no time! But during the summer, I hit the local thrift stores weekly. This year, I’ll be making a list so I don’t miss any good ones, and I’ll be making the rounds once a week, bringing my print-out of my Pinterest Fashion Board with me so I can put together outfits while scoring awesome deals. I’ll re-start my Outfit of the Day posts as well-maybe you’ll find some inspiration as well! This year I did MUCH better at dressing nicely, but once I started putting the weight back on, my self esteem plummeted and I found myself drawn to my t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts again. Direct correlation-not good. Gotta figure out a way to solve that problem.

Much love and end-of-the-year good thoughts to all of you! Can’t wait to ‘hang out’ more this summer!


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  1. Hi Katie!

    Thanks for participating in my Linky Party! You are awesome.

    There is one word that I would like to have you define for me… and that is the word SHOP! Oh my! Since having 3 children and a home, I forget what that word means when it does not have something to do with food, clothing for my kiddos, or expenses for our home! Good on you girl! Enjoy!

    I hope you’ll take a few minutes out each week to link up a new post! It’s been great meeting you!


  2. I love that you’re going to try out your pinterest board this summer – great idea!

  3. Wow! Lots of goals. Good luck to you and enjoy your summer.

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