Don’t Trust Matter! {DIY...

Jul 29, 2016 by

I have visions of the teacher I want to be-creative, passionate, a little crazy-and funny. So when I was assigned the Chemistry...

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Harry Potter Spells {DIY Frida...

Jul 22, 2016 by

Sometimes my DIY Friday projects become a little bit bigger than originally intended. This amazing spell image was pretty easy to...

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Hogwarts Alumni Pride {DIY Fri...

Jul 15, 2016 by

Whenever I’m at Target, Old Navy, Kohls or any thrift shop, I keep my eyes open for solid color shirts $5 or under. That is my...

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Expecto Patronum! {DIY Friday}

Jul 1, 2016 by

One of my favorite images from the later Harry Potter books is the idea of the patronus. The fact that Snape carries Lily’s doe...

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In This Classroom {DIY Friday}

Jun 24, 2016 by

Facebook Ads KNOW me. I get the best ideas from the wares they peddle to me, and today’s shirt is no exception. This saying...

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DIY Dia de los Muertos Outfit

Mar 30, 2016 by

Once again, I’ve finished a project I’ve had on my to-do since OCTOBER. Yes, the best laid plans often get pushed to the...

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Harry Potter Christmas Sweater

Nov 25, 2015 by

I would have called this a Harry Potter ‘Ugly’ Christmas Sweater, but I think it’s pretty beautiful, myself! 😉...

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Harry Potter Clipboards

Jul 13, 2015 by

A new year, a new homework plan! My co-teacher and I have decided that instead of waiting until Friday to check math homework (my...

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