The Summer of Possibilities

Jun 15, 2014 by

The Summer of Possibilities
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Ninth year of teaching is in the bag! We made it through the craziness that is the last month of school, and I just got back from a 2 week vacation with family. It’s time to hit the ground running and squeeze as much productivity as I can out of this summer!

We have 7 weeks until we start up again, and I’m working to make sure it doesn’t slip by.

Personal Goals
-Drop 15 pounds: Most ladies who have had a baby can relate-those last few pounds are just the hardest to loose! Working at an elementary school does not help-all those treats in the lounge and ‘I deserve it’ lunches! My goal is 2 pounds a week. Look for a post today on my plan!
-Develop a personal style: Most days last school year, you could find me in jeans, a long sleeve shirt and flip flops. Comfort and ease was the name of the game-with a one year old running around, a husband who was gone 14 hours a day and no natural sense of style, I was lost. Enough is enough-I want to look cute, professional and stylish. You can check out my fashion Pinterest board for an idea of what I’m working on this summer, and then look for blog posts about how I’m creating a new closet on a budget (and how I’m going to put the outfits together quickly) soon!

Home Goals
-Organize every cranny of this house: We moved to Monterey from San Francisco about 3 weeks before school started last summer. My husband was still up in the city, tying up loose ends, for several weeks. Unpacking boxes became a survival game, and most of my time was spent frantically trying to set up my room. I am looking forward to taking this house room-by-room and simplifying while adding fun, unique touches. I’ll make sure to post after each re-do!
-Paint: Anyone else live in a rental that has putty-colored walls? Yeah. I need some color in my life.

School Goals
-Assessment: Grades, grades, grades-what is their purpose, how can we make them work for parents and students, and how can I make them a secondary focus in my room behind the actual learning, rather than the primary source of stress in my life?
-Major overhaul on all subject areas: My units could be so much tighter. This summer they get a major tummy tuck as I perform backward design surgery on them.
-Misc. projects: Back to school night, classroom handbook, the Gifted program, leveling my classroom library, sorting through my Pinterest boards, interactive notebooks, general organization, etc. Woot woot!!

Blog Goals
-A post a day: It’s already built into my daily schedule! I have SO many projects to share, ideas to reflect on and resources to create. Sign up to get e-mails for each post by clicking here!
-Fill our Teacher Pay Teacher store: Oh, the files that are coming! I’m really looking forward to uploading the files for all the ideas I’m working on this summer, so make sure to follow us. I’m big on free/cheap-you’ll be able to load up your classroom on a budget this summer, if not for free! 😉

This is one of those mornings where the energy is shooting out of my fingertips-where to start, where to start? I’m thinking with all the laundry that is waiting for me after that 2 week trip…


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