Updated Spelling Contracts!

Jun 17, 2015 by

Updated Spelling Contracts!
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One of the first products I ever uploaded to Teachers Pay Teachers were some spelling contracts I had created for my kiddos. Each monthly package had 5 weeks and each week included 10-12 different spelling activities. There were no ‘repeat’ activities throughout the packet, so students were able to choose totally new activities each week.

Each monthly packet was themed to the holiday of the time period and they sold quite well. The problem? They were UG-LY! I can say that truthfully. Annnnd there were only 5 months of them-I hit a wall and got too busy to make the rest.

Updated Spelling Lists!

See? UG-LY.

This week, I started a TPT Sellers Challenge. Our task-of-the-week was to give a product or two a make-over. Wellllll, I went overboard. I re-made ALL my spelling contracts, AND I made the months I was missing. That means I now have August-June available.  Updated Spelling Lists!


I used black-and-white doodle borders for all the spelling contracts, giving them a cohesive look throughout the year. Each contract is clean and easy to read. Students are directed to choose five activities from the chart, complete them, staple them to the contract and turn them in by Friday. Want ’em? Click here!

And if you know you want the entire year’s worth of contracts? I even bundled them at a discount!

Updated Spelling Contracts!


So that is that! There are now 11 beautiful spelling contracts uploaded, they all have clean matching borders and I feel incredibly accomplished. Buh-bye ugly contracts!! Link up to all the other amazing make-overs by visiting Third in Hollywood. I am blown away by how a simple change in clip art can make a product look (and FEEL) totally different!


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  1. I like the simplicity of the black and white!

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