Teacher Outfit of the Day: Violet

Jul 12, 2016 by

Teacher Outfit of the Day: Violet
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In an effort to kick my jeans/plain colored shirt/flip flop addiction, I tackled my closet in a month-long venture. First I scoured Pinterest for the types of professional outfits I was interested in, and then I shopped my own closet. Once the outfits were put together, I photographed them and put together an album. Each week I’ll pick 5 outfits that fit with our weather and set them in a closet organizer for quick access in the morning while getting ready. No more wondering what the heck to wear!

Here is one of my outfits for your inspiration. Check out all the outfits here!

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I found this purple cashmere sweater in a local thrift shop during a 50% off sale, so it worked out to about $4. But what to do with it? Enter Pinterest-I simply typed in ‘purple cardigan’ and this picture came up. The site says these are black cigarette pants, so I’m now keeping my eyes open for a pair when I’m out new hunts!

Create your own violet look with the sweater ideas below!

Love it? Hate it? Would you do something differently? Let me know in the comments!


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